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Wildlife art by Róbert Sándor

The main theme in Róbert Sándor's fine arts is animal illustration, or wildlife art. He joined the Altamira Association of nature painters in 2000 and has been exhibiting regularly ever since. In 2018, his paintings were displayed at the two most significant international animal illustration exhibitions in London – the Wildlife Artist of the Year and the Society of Wildlife Artists exhibitions.

Upon the recommendation of Róbert Muray, Sándor organized his first solo exhibition, and since then he has presented his illustrations on the theme of wildlife in several solo and countless group exhibitions. His illustrations appeared in the hunting magazine Nimród and on the covers of books about hunting. He is the designer and illustrator of the book 12 Goats, in which he drew twelve different species of wild goats from the high mountains of Europe and Asia. The Cultural Association of Hunting declared several of his illustrations as Hunting Cultural Value, and in 2016 he was awarded the Péter Balogh Grand Prize of Art. In 2020, his illustration “Attack” was recognized with the special prize of “One with Nature 2021” at the Hunting and Nature World Fair.

In the Wildlife art gallery below, the available illustrations are indicated by a green dot. In each case, the technique and the framed size of the illustration are indicated. In addition, it is possible to implement individual ideas. Regarding prices, make inquiries by using the Request Quote button below or give us a call.

Hawk (pencil, paper, 32x40 cm. 1997)Early Morning Dust Bath (pitt crayon, pastel, paper, 52x72 cm, 2024)